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Indiana Neuroscience and Education Research Study

Study of the Impact of BrainWare SAFARI on Cognitive Skills and Student Achievement

BrainWare SAFARI cognitive skills development software has been evaluated in over 20 studies, including both peer-reviewed, published research and field studies, with a variety of populations and assessments. Significant gains have been shown on both cognitive and academic measures. The prior research suggests the potential for the program to have a positive impact on a much broader scale in education.  We are working with the Center for Evaluation and Education Policy at Indiana University on an independent research study that w would serve to inform policy decisions regarding the adoption of BrainWare SAFARI across a broad spectrum of elementary schools and student populations.

The following provides a brief overview of the study.  Districts and schools who have an interest in learning more about the study are requested to contact Betsy Hill at 773-250-6467 or bhill@mybrainware.com.

Center for Evaluation and Education Policy at Indiana University (CEEP)
Dr. Patricia Muller, Director of Evaluation and Research and CEEP Associate Director
Dr. John Hitchcock, CEEP Director and Associate Professor of Instructional Technology Systems

Study Confirmatory Questions:
• Does participation in BrainWare SAFARI yield greater growth in cognitive skills, compared to a control group?
• Does participation in BrainWare SAFARI yield greater student academic achievement, compared to a control group?

Planned Study Exploratory Questions:
The following are examples, not an exhaustive list of potential exploratory questions:

• Whether gains in cognitive skills are sustained a year later
• Impact of student subgroups (e.g., Special Education status, Gifted status, ELL status, Free and Reduced Lunch status, in addition to the general population of students)
• Implementation fidelity

Study Design
Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) Design, with pre- and post-test
Designed to meet the What Works Clearinghouse standards

Paritipating Schools
The study will involve 64 elementary schools in the state of Indiana, randomly assigned to the treatment and control conditions.  Participation by a range of schools is desired, including traditional public schools, public charter schools and private schools, in urban, suburban and rural settings.  Students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades will participate in the study. 

Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT), Form 7
Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress Plus (ISTEP+)

Research Timetable

Please note that this timetable has been updated to reflect the decision to defer the study for a year, in light of the uncertainties surrounding the ISTEP and policy decisions regarding state standardized testing in Indiana. 

2014-15 and 2015-16 School Years 2016-17 School Year 2017-18 School Year

Work with stakeholders and garner school interest and commitment

Students in treatment schools use BrainWare SAFARI in fall 2015

Students in non-treatment schools follow usual routine.

Students in non-treatment schools use BrainWare SAFARI

Students in treatment schools do year-later testing.

The conduct and reporting of the study will be entirely independent from The BrainWare Company and any funding sources.  One or more reports will be written at the completion of the study, with attempt made to publish, regardless of the findings. There is no fiduciary relationship between The BrainWare Company and CEEP. This does not constitute an endorsement by CEEP of any aspect of the product to be tested.  Funding is not contingent on CEEP doing the proposed work.

Further Information:

Participate in a webinar to learn more and get answers to your questions:

Please email bhill@mybrainware.com to schedule a webinar.

And/or, click below to access the recording of  previous online webinar regarding BrainWare SAFARI and the study.  Please remember that the timetable for the study has been adjusted and envisions implmenetatiions beginning in the fall of 2016.

Watch the recorded presentation.


Resource Documents:

Research One-Page Overview
Overview of BrainWare SAFARI for Educators
Summary of Previous Research on BrainWare SAFARI
Cognitive Skills Developed in BrainWare
Cognitive Skills Definitions
Letter from CEEP Executive Director
CEEP Study Powerpoint Overview


Success Stories from Our Users

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Clinicians Say ... Strengthens Students’ Underlying Cognitive Skills

by Colleen Bain, Enhanced Learning Skills for Kids

"I use BrainWare Safari as one of my tools to transform students into dynamic independent learners. This program has proven itself time and time again to help strengthen a student's underlying cognitive skill set. A lot of my students enjoy using this program. I often recommend it for students who need strengthening within auditory and/or visual memory in addition to other areas."

Parents Say ... You Can Give This Gift to Your Child

by Cheryl M. (Drew, Age 10)

"It's like the difference between taking your child to a music lesson and sitting and waiting or having the music teacher come to your house. You can manage it, you can get your hands around it, and you can give this gift to your child."

Kids Say ... I’ve Gotten Better at Listening

by Drew D. (Age 10)

"I've gotten better at listening. I used to misunderstand stuff because I didn't read the instructions and got right to work, but BrainWare Safari taught me to slow down and double-check my work."

Educators Say ... Gives Teachers Valuable Data They Can Use to Improve Their Instruction

by Dr. Lou Whitaker, Principal, Pope John Paul II, FL

"The area we noticed the greatest improvement in was the attitude of the students. They enjoyed playing the games and the teachers and parents noticed the students were able to complete homework assignments with less stress and frustration--which was a direct result of BrainWare Safari. As an educator for over forty years, I have spent my career looking for new, innovative programs that produce results, give teachers valuable data they can use to improve their instruction, get students excited about learning, and put fun back in the classroom. BrainWare Safari is such a program."

Kids Say ... My Teacher Was Very Impressed

by Rachael H. (Age 7)

"I think it was fun and it helps me with my memory. When I had Chinese class, I got all of them right. The teacher was very impressed."

Educators Say ... The Results Were Absolutely Amazing

by Curtis Boehmer, SLP, MI

"I found BrainWare Safari on the web and it intrigued me. We set up a small pilot group and ran it for 12 weeks. The results were absolutely amazing. It was everything it said it was and more. As a result of the study, and the increased academic performance of the students, BrainWare Safari was instituted for all students in grades 3 through 12. We are very pleased with the continuing results and the improved student achievement. Every student in America should use BrainWare Safari."

Educators Say ... The Program Boosted Their Self-Esteem

by Natalie Cordell, Teacher, IN

"I love BrainWare Safari and so do the students. The program is indeed a great way for the students to learn while having fun. Many of them have shown more willingness to work independently. The program definitely has boosted thier self-esteem as they have graduated many levels. It is rewarding to watch them solve problems and reach success."

Parents Say ... An Alternative to Video Games

by Thao D. (Christian, Age 9)

"The kids nowadays are really into computers and this is an alternative to video games. It helps improve their learning and keeps them busy and they're having fun. What else could you ask for?"

Parents Say ... A Miracle

by Chana F., Israel

"BrainWare Safari is a miracle. I would have paid anything for it, now that I have seen what it can do to help my son grow his brain right before my eyes. I am confident that it will transform his academic failure into brilliant success."

Parents Say ... They Feel They’re Growing

by Carolyn D. (Drew, Age 11)

"BrainWare Safari built Drew's confidence to know that he could go further even when it was hard. He liked the way the characters grew up. I think it translates to the kids and they feel they're growing."

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